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Top Rated Wedding Photographers in Bangaluru

Bangalore is an awe-inspiration location and an ideal electronic hub. Apart from the native from the state of Karnataka, numerous cross-cultural individuals from various corners of the country reside in this part of the world.

One gets bound to exchange emotion-

As one starts to earn it is obvious that at a point of time they are bound to exchange emotions and through these precious exchange starts a new odyssey. This is a city that has witnessed cross-cultural and multicultural love stories final taking a new dynamic when it couple gets ready to walk down the forte.

PIXONOVA in Bangalore-

Yes!! We have narrated that how Bangalore has turned out to be a love-struck city apart from being a software hub. But why are we narrating so deep into all these? It is only because our company PIXONOVA has been adjudicated the destination wedding photographers in Bengaluru. We have been successful to cater out the needs of their well-wishers and clients in this Garden city of India.

New Release

Shivani & Rahul

Destination Wedding

A simple life with a simplistic vision about life and a simple loving person is all she needs in her life to get that glowing smile on…

Wedding highlights of Shivani and Rahul
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Laadi , Ek Pyaari kahani. Pre wedding Short film
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Short-film style

Laadi Ek Pyaari Kahani Love is ageless…so does a pure relation. “Laadi Ek Pyaari Kahani” passing that ageless love story to a…

"Wedding without planning is just another marriage"

From creating to capturing memories. Plan your wedding with us.

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About Us

Meet the Photographer

Hi, I am Rishav Chakraborty. I am proud to lead a team of extraordinary wedding photographers and filmmakers here at Pixonova. Since 2015 we have told hundreds of stories in ways industry has never seen before. 

Vision, dedication and a  never-ending conquest to create something new, exciting, unique and luxurious made us reach our current status in the photography and filmmaking industry.  Read more.

We are expanding our tendrils in the garden city of India-

Our team of the wedding photographer in Bengaluru was fortunate enough in the past to have been witness to some mesmerizing love story getting an ideal shape through their marriage. Now we have opened up our set up here and are ready to spread out our tendrils to various nook and cranny of the city.

Modern marriages and usage of photography-

  • We all know that marriage is a sacred bond and which has ritualistic fervour and contemporary flavor.
  • With time individuals are more in favor of adding the opulent aroma.
  • One such aroma is the usage of passionate photography to make the occasion more special.
  • In the past photography did not mean a lot, but now individuals are more keen on preserving their best day in a much-oriented manner.
  • Photography is an art and wedding photography is a perfect work of art.

In a wedding, we understand that numerous individuals throng in and take a plunge in the merriment and joyousness. We have said it numerous times in our previous pages that our task is simple and cut out and that is to create creative shots. Our creative shots will always speak volumes of positive character.

Count on us for valued service-

Wedding photos stack

All you need to do is count on us for valued and rated services that will make all and sundry happy. Our team is diligent and have a unique creative surge in them. They can make subtle changes during the wedding procedure. The agile and activeness in them is noteworthy and something that you can be proud off in the days to come.

We are ready to do every task for you. Be it a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bengaluru or a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bengaluru, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you out as and when required.

Wedding Photography

Candid Photography

Award winning photographers wedding photographers. Capturing luxurious and story telling frames.

Wedding Management

Wedding Management

Enjoy your wedding and leave the rest on to professional wedding planners by Pixonova.
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Wedding Filmmakers

Wedding Filmmakers

Create a story telling master piece and make your wedding memorable for the generations to come.

Wedding Films

Top wedding photographers across India
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Top wedding photographers across India
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#Nikash – Akash & Nikita

Selected among India's top 5 wedding videos

  • Top Rated

for the month of April & May 2018 by Canvera

A sense of completeness . Wedding photography
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Two cultures

A Sense of Completeness

Laadi , Ek Pyaari kahani. Pre wedding Short film
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Conceptual Pre-wedding

Laadi ek pyaari kahani

Lifelong celebration- Destination Wedding video Bollywood style
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Lifelong Celebration

Bengali and Tamil Destination Wedding photography
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Two states

Soulmates - Romantic wedding film

Wedding highlights of Shivani and Rahul
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Destination Wedding

Her crowning dress: Love

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What we create

Cinematic Destination Wedding Film Teaser

Marathi sty wedding photography
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Love is power

Journey from eyes to soul​

Marwari wedding photography
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Weddings are all about brides

A Childhood Love Story

Amrita and Abhishek wedding photography collage
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Intercontinental love stories

Love defies distance

What Our Couples Say


History says, hard work always pays off. Our couples sees, understands and becomes a team while working together to make a wedding memorable. Here is what they had to say.

Pritha Weding client


“Excellent Photography!! The end results are brilliant. Very enthusiastic, happy, fun and flexible team to make your wedding totally memorable 😊💖”

Debopriya Wedding client

“Rishabh and his team have done an excellent work and I’m truly happy with their way of working. The results have shockingly impressed me and my family by projecting even simple details to highly effective execution… Read More”


“One f d best team f photographers.. whu nvr gts tired evn aftr saying “1..2…3..say cheese ” hundred times…. D best part abt dm is wherevr dy found li8 ..dy photographed..n pixonova nvr jst clickd a photo wd cameras dy actlly md d photos…🙂😘.. U peopl r d best n beyond our imagination..”

Rina wedding client

“We are very grateful to engage Pixonova for taking photography and videography for the marriage of my daughter Dr. Nirupama Naskar.They have done a very excellent job.”


“Loved your work.. excellent photography and videography”


“Wow, what a team! Brilliant frames, quick set up. Festivity in each frame.”

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