Life-Long Celebration

Utsab & Supriya

To me love is a feeling of a positive vibes and we got so many of them in their union ceremony. This was a #pungali wedding well genarally we get to see a Bengali bride getting married to a punjabi guy (no certain rules though) but here the case was reverse a Punjabi girl got married to a Durga Puja loving family, you know what I mean. 

This Girl loves color, so many of them so she picked all the color from her palette to  create her own Mehendi dress . Yeah you got it right she designed her simple and bright dress which goes well with her quirky and jolly nature .

Supriya, this beautiful girl never thought that this “just another guy in the party” at the bubble tea shop will turn her world upside down and hold her hands with a promise of forever.

And she was so darn happy when we asked her to Twirl … It was her inner self that was twirling in joy … the joy of getting together soon

they Love each other like two kids who never want to grow up,and obviously laughing is a instant thing for them cause her man  Utsab makes her laugh to no end. Hence belive it or not it was a tough job for us to capture a no-smiling atitude shot. 

In spite of Being a Punjabi, her love towards rasogolla and red saree was something that indicated it was meant to be on the contrary being a bong Utsab just made everyone spellbound on his bhangra move. 

But she has a soft side too…She has a kind and passionate heart.  She is a star of her family.

Utsab, her man is so romantic and humourous in nature, resulting they are always laughing and lost in love madly. He oozes love for her. They understand exactly how the opposite is feeling without any words.. and that amazed us 

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If I have to sum up thing they are fun together. It was a real joyous exeperience for us to have you guys arround for those few days.

Hope these brings back that intimate moment when you realize you are about to commit to something special.

Wishing Good luck and best wishes from Team #pixonova for the rest of your life.

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Life-Long Celebration