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Simplicity Stays Forever

Her prince charming …. Over the years we came across so many #groomtobe on their pre-wedding, thanks to the #pixonova …But this guy is unknowingly forcing us to write this to the world “That he is one of a kind” a unique combo Simple yet effortful, Sober yet excitable, Shy yet crazily romantic (sometimes)…C’mon there are some persons in life you come across, you cannot express them in words

Wedding of Misha & Ankur

The Perfect Match

Best cinematic Indian wedding trailer of a crazy wedding #mishank at The Westin Kolkata. This fun and crazy Indian wedding teaser of 2021 will make you spellbound.

Misha and Ankur just got married and their Indian wedding ceremony was a blast. The bride, groom, and their north Indian families were all so laid back and fun to work with. It’s not every day you get to shoot an Indian wedding where the couple is so easygoing and #candid, but Misha & Ankur and their family made it so much fun. 😍 #mishank

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Epitome Of Love

Sukriti found the love of her life and never realized that’s the one and when she finally decided to marry that person she was unable to hold her tears in just that thought that she has to leave her parents. This one of the Best Wedding Trailer made all of us emotional and happy at the same time.

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Destined Since Begining

If someone tells me to describe what love is.. I may not find a particular answer, possibly I my answer would be different every time. Sometimes its a feeling, sometime its a indomitable spirit, often its just a cup of coffee and enjoying the togetherness, sometime its a surprise visit and sometimes its just growing stronger together through all the ups and downs..
These two has faced all of this and wrote their lovestory and tied the sacred knot

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Sense of Completeness

This love story is unique and I understood their bond when she quoted “he is a kind of man, every woman deserves” and he stated “she used to give me a sense of completeness, which I really never realized”
A man who is so perfect to her girl and a life partner who brings a plenitude in each other’s life…that’s what seems like an ultimate fulfillment to me
which culture d’you think is most beautiful??

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Soulmates Do Exist

During this lockdown period when everyone enjoyed the term “work-from-home” we remembered a story of these two souls. Once upon a time, they were in the middle of Office, workload, cubicle, files, deadlines, and all of these not-so-pleasing things, and when she just took a deep breath and just behind all of those heap loads of files she saw him. Fresh air flowed into their lives and they became friends…🥰💑 and the story goes on.

Stories - 6 - Pixonova

Twinkle & her Star

I always feel remembering the roots are important.There would always be some gorgeous, trendy alternate options that can make you feel more beautiful and you should definitely try that too.. But sometimes a little more biased toward your own culture, own roots, own tradition will surely make your soul more happy once you look back after years cause It’s about feelings. The feelings that left an impact and that are linked in some way to who you intrinsically are as a person.
P.S. the way we feel once we come back to our very own bed after a long world tour.
the way we want our mom’s home cooked magic after the day full of delicacies.

Laadi , Ek Pyaari kahani. Pre wedding Short film

Laadi – Ek Pyaari Kahani

They met , And they lost in each other .. And we were just capturing their candids and it came out so inexplicably beautiful..

Conceptual pre wedding photography in Kolkata , ITC Sonar Bangla

Life-Long Celebration

When the most innocent little one of a home crawls towards you smiling and touch you and tries to stand up while taking a picture…is a real beautiful moment for a baby photographer during a baby shoot.

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