The Perfect Match – Sneha and Siddharth’s Wedding –  ITC Fortune Park Panchawati


Sneha and Siddharth’s wedding has been one unique wedding come love stories we have ever seen.

This is a story of Sneha is a beautiful independent lady living at Exton, Pennsylvania US. Being the youngest sister among 6 sisters, 5 brothers in laws and a lovely family, it’s safe to say she grew up like a princess. When she finally thought of getting married, she found herself in a tough position and rejected around 50 proposals until she found Siddharth, the love of her life. As she says, the first time she saw Siddharth photograph she knew that Siddharth is the person she wants to spend her life with.

Siddharth is a positive minded and kind hearted hard working gentleman also residing in US. Siddharth also got very similar vibes after meeting her for the first time and that’s why although arranged, but they quickly fell in love with each other.

Enjoy a small glimpse of their wedding


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Here are my few favorite photographs of this vibrant wedding.


Pixonova Weddings wishes Sneha & Siddharth a happy married life.

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