Our little queen


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A warm welcome was really appreciated..never imagined that such a cute little angel is just behind the wall in the other room.

A little angel..her eyes are so bright it can light up the world of everybody who can see through it..when her curly tresses were kissing her cheek it’s like Rapunzel came alive dancing with happiness.

Our little queen - 1 - Pixonova

Those silly random movements of her little hands can make a move to everyone’s heart. All the colors get more bright when she touches. When she smiles all the goodness of nature just tremble on the earth…

Baby girl Sanjuni sitting during photoshoot

She has her own world of happiness, her Nenu, the little fat doll which she likes the most. Her mamma was telling during a toy hunt she chose it among the all other toys and from then its a part of her fairy world.

Baby doll levitating while the little cute Senjuni tries to catch them

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And this girl is indeed angel but not with those magic wand.She loves to hold modern world techies in her hand..and shakes her curly locks on the beats once a melodious track hit on that.

Happy family enjoying time together, has Happy family enjoying time together. Sutirtha Sarkar, Aniketa Sarkar and Sanjuni Sarkar in frame

Until now I have never understood how babies speak to the fairy friend. Once they are very happy ,they spread their little soft hands and holds some breezy air and whispers in the ears of the air to send the sweet voice to the fairy friend..and that’s how they communicate. and thats how they show earth the invisible love, that’s how they brings joys, happiness, kindness, hope, and many reason to smile…

Cute girl Sanjuni happy and playing

And indeed those euphonious voice travel to fairyland and those invisible white fairies with their magic wand comes to the earthy friend and sprinkle some sparkle and the spotlights become more bright and shiny and then the little baby looks above and sway with happiness.

Playing child during kids photography session

This baby then turned to the fairy standing on the earth.I suddenly thought is she really seeing some fairy on the earth.I looked back and saw Aniketa was standing there spreading her arms and for this little angel.By the time I was wondering this sweet connection, Aniketa holds this little wonder in her arms with a tender touch. And Sanjoli was in the safest place in the universe.

Our little queen - 2 - Pixonova

For the first time, As a photographer I was observing how a very well grown responsible well-established Man can make weird funny faces, play with balloons, and relive his childhood just to see the sweetest curve on his baby’s face.This curvy captivating smile with a little baby teeth and the eyes with full of happiness while she was on her fathers lap, was silently shouting that she knows very well that her father is the hero of her life..And the happy and calm smile of Sutirtho Da was clearly portraying that this cute little Sanjoli is the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Sutirtha Sarkar with her baby smiling for the photo

Sanjoli and his family indeed gifted us a great day.
At last I felt, Sanjoli would definitely love to see a nice frame with her earthy beautiful angel and the perfect hero with their litthe princess.And there comes a gift from PIXONOVA for them “The Family Portrait”.

The family portrait of Sarkar Family

Thank you Viacom 18 for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

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Our little queen - Baby photography by Pixonova Babies
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Our little queen - Baby photography by Pixonova Babies
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Our little queen