Laadi – Ek Pyaari Kahani

Parneet & Maninder

Have you ever witnessed those “pair made in heavens” couple .. How they compliment each other , their vibes, their relationships. Well, we witnessed them and trust me it wasn’t a love story.It was a arranged meeting by their family like we see in traditional bollywood movies and coincidentally they wanted to capture that day , it was quite another kind of shoot for us cause we didn’t met them before and we were little worried and awkward as hell when we heard that even this couple is meeting for the first time on their pre-wedding shoot .

And as people say unexpected things turns out to be the most memorable ones … and hell yah !!! that happened ..They were so so like so comfortable together that it was really hard for us to believe that reality.

The way he looks at her shows that it is something that is surreal, Some thing so pure that you cant describe.. The guy of this story is a sweet, modern yet fully bhangra lover traditional punjabi soul who lives in the second punjab .. well I mean canada and this girl is form Kolkata … Sweet, very innocent, cute , simple … c’mon Even if I should I cannot use all the good adjectives here on this blog… LOL…

They met , And they lost in each other .. And we were just capturing their candids and it came out so inexplicably beautiful..

When we saw both of them there was no lovestory but then they asked us to create some magic that will never get old .. And they told us what is love for them … And as they were all punjabi in hearts they were really fond of those punjab masala love stories ….like real old school .. pehli chitthi … Khidki se takna jhakna … khyalon me khona .. Pehli mulakat .. If you are really interested in this old school love tarka with a unexpected twist .. this movie is to tickle the inner soul that we all hide behind these rustle and bustle of our busy lives…

Pre-Wedding Film

Pre Wedding Video of Parneet and Manindar
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Pre-Wedding Film

Pre Wedding Video of Parneet and Manindar
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Laadi , Ek Pyaari kahani. Pre wedding Short film

Laadi – Ek Pyaari Kahani