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When the most innocent little one of a home crawls towards you smiling and touch you and tries to stand up while taking a picture…is a real beautiful moment for a baby photographer during a baby shoot.

And I as a photographer felt this incredible feeling while shooting Rintin..The cute little baby boy with curly locks who can make you totally occupied with him just by a sweet smile..
Babies are really nature’s way of telling everyone to be happy for no reason and spread happiness for every reason.

When His butterfly heart was embracing the change to concrete from soft splashes of greens. his eyes were unfurling into the dusk orange sky to fetch out some rainbow ray to make it more colorful. and his random thoughts were riding the breezes … A sudden candid made those heavenly moments last forever in somewhere in the wall…

Buttrefly heart baby shot by Rishav chakraborty during a baby photoshoot

Women always feel complete and content once they get blessed with a little pure soul, who get nurtured into herself..Once that little soul opens their eyes with a tender body, some emotion just doesn’t stops. Kind warm touch of a mother is what a baby needs the most…

Rusa Bannerjee with her baby Rintin during the shoot with Pixonova
During the baby photoshoot when eventually he came in touch with the mother earth for the first time in his life..his little fingers felt the softness of green grasses and the sudden calmness with an indomitable spirit to understand the unknown in his eyes really became a sweet memory for me and an everlasting frame for their family.

Mother’s are also natures way of showing everlasting ..some unconditional love…Moms always want their child to reach skyhigh while holding them up…Rusha,the beautiful lady ,a content woman and the mother of sweet Rintin was also playing with him while her imagination were roaming somewhere up above in the sky where the brightest star was his lovely son.

Mother play with her baby boy during a baby shoot

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Here comes the daddy..his Daddy is awesome …No, I am not saying that. That little speechless child was shouting that loudly by his favorite Tee. The connection between this man and his child was something that I was also observing…Those little little fingers suddenly got some sweet language that only his daddy can understand. Since he doesn’t have vocal power, all he was using his talkative eyes and his hands ….And daddy understood it all…

 Rintin with his Dad , enjoying the moment

You all got to know the story of these three individuals who makes a great family…Family is the only place to keep and share this love to them.So I thought of giving them a sweet beautiful family portrait to cherish their togetherness.

A complete family portrait sitting on grass shot by Rishav chakraborty Pixonova

After all these I was just wishing them gods grace …suddenly the golden ray of the dusky sun touched them and said all the best tomorrow this sun will come with more happiness.

Author – Sanmita

Photographed by – Rishav Chakraborty [ Like me on Facebook ]

Enjoy a small glimpse of the shoot


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