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Hi, I am Rishav Chakraborty, a commercial fashion, wedding & lifestyle photographer from Kolkata, India. I consider myself as very fortunate because I got to choose my own hobby and passion as my own profession. I also like keeping myself busy in various cinematography works as well coz I am always interested in telling a better story. I started shooting at a very young age with my father’s consumer grade Fuji film camera and unknowingly started my journey to become a working professional photographer. I love taking photos of people. I with my amazing team of highly educated, artistic and creative photographers, videographers, cinematographer & assistants are dedicated toward customer satisfaction.

As a photographer, I am always a firm believer in running a client friendly, service oriented business and I believe that great creativity often is the result of teamwork & values working closely with my clients.

I am a simple & optimistic person who loves making photographs, loves traveling at various ineffable locations and thankfully I get to work all across different cities and states of India and also keep myself open for any abroad project stored in future.

My Journey

Photography is a serene sound to me which comes from somewhere very deep in my heart and energize me, entertains me, soothes me and sometimes drives me really crazy, leaves me reckless.Moreover, it gives me a feeling that my heart is still pumping…

Once upon a time like a momma’s boy, well now this “once upon a time” sounds like I have gray hair but trust me I am still young. So there was a time when like a momma’s only star scored wow marks in academics and then fallen in love with my lady love in Kolkata and went around the city and the country with a small mp4, a device that had a VGA camera feature on it. A device that understood me so well and gave us company the whole day. Each night before going to bed magically it used to drive me like a time machine  I could go through the whole day all over again. Now I can recall that was the time it all started within me but being a teenager I never understood the game, the game of destiny drove me to several jobs and I realised nothing until one of my last corporate days when during a fun session one of my colleague who was an in office mimicry artist too started mimic every body and when my turn came he started to act like clicking pictures and that was the time destiny first unfolded its sweetest letter to me. I started pursuing the same passion with my same old girl friend and felt life was never this lovely before and down the line very soon got recognized as a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata

And established my own company “Pixonova” and the weddings section soon got recognition as one of the best wedding photography team and one of the best wedding cinematography team in India.

Interested in collaborating or hiring me for a project/film / short film/event/wedding shoot?

Feel free to drop me an email at- [email protected]

Check out my & our team’s work here- PIXONOVA.com

Know more about Pixonova Photography- Pixonova.com/About


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