A Small Little Game For You

The Top Scorer

Lets play a game. A game with prizes worth a lifetime. This game is called ” The Top Scorer . Rules of this game is simple; down-bellow on this page we have several scoring section allotted with different scores to be obtained. Now your mission is to obtain the highest score possible. Your final score may not be displayed right-away but PIXONOVA will surely keep a count of that. 🙂


The higher you score; PIXONOVA will give you more and more attention and more coverage of awesome photography contents for you absolutely free of cost for the rest of your life.

Note→ You must first log in to your Facebook and Google Plus accounts to start up right-away

Scoring Section - 30 out of 100 Points

Worth 30 Points - Follow Us On Social Media

10 Points to Like us On Facebook

10 Points for Subscribing to PIXONOVA on Youtube

Get Free Photography Tutorials On YouTube

10 Points for Following us on Google Plus

Vital Section - 30 out of 100 Points

Worth 30 Points - Join PIXONOVA Community - Vital Section - You must do well on this part

20 Points for Joining Our Awesome Facebook Community

No need to hit “Like” on this section
Get started with joining PIXONOVA Facebook community

click on the “Join” button on the right side and make it say “Joined

Click on “Join” to join our awesome community 😀

Posted by Pixonova on Friday, May 8, 2015

10 Points for Joining Our Awesome Google Plus Community

Once you click bellow, you will get redirected to our google plus community, hit “Ask to join”.

Once done close that tab and come back on this page 😀

Coolest Section - 40 out of 100 Points

Worth 40 Points - Join Our Mailing List

40 Points for Joining Free Photography Email List

Get ready to get some of the top rated and fantastic updates from PIXONOVA directly to your inbox and it’s absolutely Free !!!

*****You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us, please click on Yes, Subscribe Me To This List


Get 40 Points after completing this step

Hooray !!!

Thanks for completing our small little game, and we hope you obtained 100 out of 100 point, if you are not sure or if you have completed not all of the sections, then we would really request your to please check it once again.

And if you obtained 100/100 points the then here is a royal solute just for you.

Pixonova-Vector-Logo- small 400Pix

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