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Passion for our craft & hard work made us fortunate. Pixonova is a team of passionate creative professionals, appreciated across India. Known for our creative wedding film-making & style of photography. We are glad that Pixonova is considered as top candid wedding photographers and wedding filmmakers from India. We are available across Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, India & abroad. 

Pixonova a renowned team comprising of competent and professional wedding photographers and cinematographers ready to curve out a niche of positivity. Though we are based at the eastern fringes in Kolkata, our professionalism behind the lenses has been widely accepted throughout the country. With intense passion and unending love for wedding photography we have been growing as professionals for the past one decade.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have covered wedding ceremonies in some of the most exotic locations in India. Be it in Jaipur or some other fabulous location in Rajasthan and its outskirts or in Amritsar, we have traveled all across the country. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we have almost covered weddings in each and every state. The cross-cultural and multicultural weddings have different dynamism and romantic fervor altogether.

The Perfect Match

Showcasing the madness that took place during the wedding Of Misha & Ankur at The Westin Kolkata. Check out the video to feel the vibe of this breathtaking wedding. Planned and managed by Wedding Squad.

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The Perfect Match

Wedding of Misha & Ankur
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Showcasing the madness that took place during the wedding Of Misha & Ankur at The Westin Kolkata. Check out the video to feel the vibe of this breathtaking wedding. Planned and managed by Wedding Squad.

Wedding of Misha & Ankur
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Riya Nikhil Wedding Trailer Youtube Thumbnailjpg
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Sukriti & Saarang
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Conceptual pre wedding photography in Kolkata , ITC Sonar Bangla
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Sarthoki & Prasanth wedding photography
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Pre-wedding short film series

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Pre Wedding Video of Parneet and Manindar
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About Us

Hi, I am Rishav Chakraborty. I am proud to lead a team of extraordinary wedding photographers and film makers here at Pixonova. Since 2015 we have told hundreds of stories in ways industry has never seen before. 

Vision, dedication and a  never ending conquest to create something new, exiting, unique and luxurious made us reach our current status in the photography and film-making industry.

Pixonova: Best Wedding Photographers Kolkata, Delhi India - 9 - Pixonova

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Toronto, Canada

Pixonova made my wedding an event to be remembered for a lifetime through their beautiful storytelling technique. A wedding isn’t about how much money has been put it but about how many people really enjoyed it. I could feel every single emotion come alive in their photography and videography. It was less about backgrounds or decor and more about people and the moments. I had an excellent experience working with Rishabh and his team. I really got lucky. Thanks Pixonova!



Kolkata India

Thank u for gifting such good moments.Lifetime treasure for me.Awesome captures, thank you very much Rishav



Sydney, Australia

I’ll be honest out of the other Kolkata videographers, your company is probably the best one lol. but yeah thanks a lot for everything 🙂

Pixonova: Best Wedding Photographers Kolkata, Delhi India - 10 - Pixonova



“Everyone is gaga over the wedding film . Each minute is like a movie awesome work you guys, we all loved it and you are now our family photographers so be available for the weddings of all my brother and Rahul’s sister 😂.
The love and effort you put into it, it all made my wedding film a really beautiful movie.
So far we have watched it like a 100 times already! Thank you for making such a beautiful video ❤ Yaar we are dieing in selecting photos. Every picture is just so good.”
_P010299-X3 (1)


Kolkata, India

It was always Rishav & June for me and not Pixonova so warm , caring & understanding . I wish them all the best in their endeavour and am sure that sky is the limit for their success .

Pixonova: Best Wedding Photographers Kolkata, Delhi India - 11 - Pixonova


Dubai, India

Very pretty photos Rishav. Khoob Shundor. Shindoor dan ta perfect

654545454 (1)


Kolkata, India

Hey Rishav,really satisfied man…You guys are genius and I am really happy with both the events. Regarding Photos I would definitely say that “It was truly amazing I just love the colors and the mood of every shot…That destination pre wedding wala tour is really memorable and you guys just made it so perfect…..
I really miss those early morning hotel room bells from you though I was behaving little crabby that time…but yeah you were right, those are all worth it.and this really proves you guys are really passionate toward your proffesion and ….You guys know what you are doing, even if we didn’t understand it then…even you know, few of my guest are asking me for the full resolution files of their photographs that you took on my wedding…those came out so well they want to frame those for their decor… last thanks buddy..
Really glad that you guys were available on my wedding dates…Much Love Bro…

51427933_2454890471253088_8728134532072472576_o (1)


Varanasi, India

Excellent work……just awesome



Kolkata India

Pixonova brings the magic, completely satisfied with the work Rishav and June did..

91889168_1104413619902203_3056949587177635840_o (1)


Kolkata, India

The quality of videography & photography of Pixonova is excellent. From their work I have seen that they have gathered a very vast knowledge in their work. I appreciate for their excellent working knowledge.



Orrisa, India

You guys did a really great job and gave us a memori of a life time thanks so much for that 😚

i-tmTwdBD-X3 (1)


Kolkata, India

Very nice we are looking v good togethr . Thanks Rishav for this “anondo”



Varanasi, India

Excellent quality of photography and videography.. loved your work😊 



Kolkata India

We are very grateful to engage Pixonova for taking photography and videography for the marriage of my daughter Dr. Nirupama Naskar. They have done a very excellent job.



Kolkata India

Very beautiful photography as also very sober and well mannered. Wish you all the best.

35416845_10155552899671220_1534269331536347136_o (1)


Punggol, Singapore

Rishav….. amazing clicks 😄 👏👏👏 Thanks for making this moment so beautiful 😄 👍👍 . Love you bro 😊
The Photographs have come out really well 👏👏 Thanks to you n your team for your countinues support and making our event trun into beautiful memory 😄
_P010428-X12 (1)


Bangalore, India

Pure Happiness is what I can exclaim brother after watching this ( Wedding Film )… watched on the projector screen… multiple times …. brilliant work 😊

_P010114-Edit (1)
_P018780-X12 (1)


Bangalore, India

Hi.. just wanted to tell you a huge thank you!
I know our business is not done yet but you have been such an integral part of my wedding that today as I am sending out thank you messages to everyone I can’t help but include you. You guys feel like family now 😏
Tryly honoured that you took up my wedding on such short notice. I’m Supremely excited for the results of your and your teams hard work.
Thank you Prince from the buttom of my heart ♥
Love Sarthoki & Prasant 😁
Also each and every relative and friend at my wedding has told me, “What a nice boy Prince is… and how dedicated! he’ll go very far”… I cannot agree more 😁
Amazing choice of music. I cried watching it. You have made it look so polished and dreamy I love it!!! 😍


Kolkata India

Young, enthusiastic, vibrant. Passionate about each frame. Compassionate and competent . Brilliant team work. Best wishes, go grab more frames. Get more fames.😊

_P016834-X3 (1)


Hyderabad, India

Looks Amazing. The best I have seen. Exceptional job !!!!
The album is exceptionally good Rishab. Thank you so much.


Bangalore, India

M falling in lv wd my wedding video 😜
All here in Bangalore appreciated ur wrk soo mch … all said superb video.. 😁😁 all here sd dt its giving a feeling as if they watching a bolly movie.


Jammu, India

Thanks again for the pics Rishav! 😊 Everyone praised them. 

Stylish Indian groom photograph by leading photographers of Pixonova


Uttar Pradesh, India

Thank u so much pixonova for making our special day so memorable.. very much satisfied 😊



Kolkata India

Rishabh and his team have done an excellent work and I’m truly happy with their way of working. The results have shockingly impressed me and my family by projecting even simple details to highly effective execution. Thanks a lot to all of them for making my most amazing moment of my life even more memorable.

Pixonova: Best Wedding Photographers Kolkata, Delhi India - 12 - Pixonova
_P013428 full-X2s (2)


Mumbai, India

Pixonova gave us the most precious gift in the form of wedding pictures and videos.!!
We absolutely loved the wedding video and it’s much beyond our expectations. It was evident from the video that they put heart and soul into it. They understand you, understand your story and when you watch video it’s like your story is being told through the beautiful wedding video. They are very careful when they select songs and theme for the video and give special attention to your likes and dislikes.
They use very high-end devices which produce excellent quality video. Best part of their work was they were able to capture emotions and joy because of which we live our special moment again through the videos and photos!
_P011808-X3 (1)


Kolkata, India

Pixonova is professional but with a personal touch.. Their services left me with no complaints and the cynical grumpy me was happy on seeing their end results… Would definitely recommend Pixonova👍 Proactiveness and willingness to work till the last second of their schedule impressed me.. 10/10

Pritha Sinha wedding portrait by pixonova weddings
Yo wali shaadi


Bangalore, India

Excellent Photography!! You just need to have patience and the end results are brilliant. Very enthusiastic, happy, fun and flexible team to make your wedding totally memorable 🙂 <3



Kolkata, India

“Met these guys in my friend’s wedding..They are really very creative and never stops…Even I’ve seen them during lunch time when they saw a frame they just kept their spoon and just clicked it … And …By that moment onwards I know ..They will be my wedding photographer…I mean this is really rare to find this type of commited professional prohographer these days..I liked their photography style..its more about the people and their emotions…which matters the most to me
5 star would be less for this team..For me they are are perfect mixture of friendly people with exellent photography knowledge. 👍👍”



Porto, Portugal

You guys did a really great job and gave us a memori of a life time thanks so much for that 😚
Everyone loved the trailer because instead of only focusing on bride and groom our whole famili was in focus. Even friends. So everyone loved it

Candid Wedding Photographers and Filmmakers

Pixonova Weddings is a well know name in wedding photography across India and considered among the best candid wedding photographers . While working across India and abroad Pixonova wedding is known for it’s excellence in photography with dramatic compositions and creative ways of storytelling through imagery as well as with the wedding cinematography. With a group of extremely talented and creative wedding photographers and wedding storytellers. We feel proud of what we do for our clients. Making weddings feel and look grand, lavish & at the same time crafting something so special for our clients that they can cherish for years to come.

At Pixonova Weddings, we as wedding photographers never like our shot to be predictable and boring that why are continuously upgrading our style and approach towards the art & keep reinventing everything with every new opportunity. We love creating wedding photographs that are colorful, fun, energetic, glamorous and filled with joy.

When a  sun-kissed morning will shower all his blessings upon you, when your fine and floaty veil will speak new words to your mirror, When your happy eyes will be more dramatic  than ever, when those fairy light bokeh will brighten your path, when some new colors will make you more beautiful ….our team will be working hard so that you can relive those moments  for then and forever . 

Check few wedding stories here – Click here

Top Rated Wedding Photographer Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Ranchi, Bangalore, Chennai and Across India

We understand that your love story is beautiful, special and most favorite to you. So being one of the best candid wedding photographers our Wedding Photography team always try to capture those wonderful emotions in such a special way that you can feel that real vibe and ambiance of love even after those precious moments of your most special days are gone.

Pixonova also provides contemporary pre wedding photography to frame your love, affection and beautiful relation..We foster each one of our pre wedding photography clients with some new conceptual, visionary and pristine ideas that they can relate to their love story. Since every love story is unique so is our pre wedding photography style. Our pre wedding photography team does not likes to capture very gothic and monotonous poses, rather they always try create some quirky and notable Pre wedding photography that can set your love story to a new insightful level which you can cherish for a lifetime.

In Pixonova wedding we value each and every one of our client so we do have a vast range of pocket-friendly pre-made packages and definitely you can customise them according to your requirements to keep an eye to your budget. So give us a call on 8013014015 to get all the informations in detail. Also we would love you to follow our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to get updates regarding our most recent works.

  • Destination Weddings like beach wedding, Palace wedding, backwater wedding coverage
  • Candid Wedding Photography & Cinematic wedding videos
  • Pre-Wedding Shoots & Pre-wedding cinematic videos
  • Premium photobooks
  • Coffee table books
  • Traditional wedding albums
  • Live video projectors & large TVs
  • Traditional wedding photographer
  • Photo-booth
  • Wedding mehendi artist
  • Wedding make-up artists

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that may dwell up in your mind, are probably answered here

Nowadays people are very choosy about their wedding photographers and as a renowned photography team, Pixonova Weddings stays on top of a lot of people’s wish list hence we mostly get booked months and years prior to the event date and sometimes even before other wedding arrangements. Every couple is important to us but the calendar has limited dates only. Make sure you get that ticked in your name.

Oh man! it’s like asking a bird, whether she likes to fly. Yes, of course, we like and we love destination weddings and we will be more than happy to be a part of yours. We are consistently working all across India to new places and new venues to cover weddings and other events and we will surely try to join in your journey of getting married at the location of your choice.

We completely understand that you may be trying to find out this information about our charges as early as possible so that you can plan out and arrange everything accordingly, but unfortunately, our rates and packages are not listed for public viewing on our site for a variety of reasons. We consider our prices as confidential information and are only shared with genuine clients. It is very simple to discuss regarding rates and packages as soon as we get in touch with you, & also a reason to smile about would be that we also provide custom packages tailored to customer’s specific requirements because we understand that every customer is different in their own way and we know there is no one size fits all, package that anyone can offer. Contact us now to get a free quote – Click Here

There are no additional charges for outstation weddings.Our remunerations remain the same from Kolkata to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai or mostly anywhere else in India. We do not even charge for outstation traveling also. In case of outstation works clients are sometimes requested to arrange modest accommodation for our team.

We really understand your concern and we know that getting married can be expensive sometimes, but as you know, the memories are priceless & the only way to truly preserve your memories is by our hard work and dedication towards your occasion and making sure that true to life flavors are captured & preserved. The packages we offer to our clients were revised several time to make sure that they are the best possible price that we can provide while making sure the quality of the work is maintained throughout your journey with us. We understand that there are a lot of stuff that you need to pay for during your wedding and some things are more important than others but frankly speaking, premium things comes with a premium price tag for so many reasons, & premium wedding photography is no different. The kind of effort & skills it takes to create images like you see on our website, makes it even harder to make our packages negotiable.

Yeah sure. Wedding albums are awesome, it’s a piece of art that stays with you for a long long time and we love to see that smile once you open that. We provide genuine Canvera photobooks with a certificate from canvera and an online pin to view your album online. You can also select a canvera according to your liking from vast range of option. Nowadays the modern style photo books are much much more than sticking images together in albums and we take pride as our wedding albums are one of a kind. We provide premium quality photo book designs that capture your love and memories in vibrant colors and in sophisticated style with everlasting non-tearable/ textured page options also which feels amazing to touch and to keep for a lifetime.

We are based in Kolkata, India and you can be rest assured we won’t mind traveling to your location for your wedding. As a team, we love traveling all over India and we are also open for assignments globally.

We have an extremely easy and step by step booking procedure that will be informed to you over a call as soon as you complete the first step in the link given below. Request couple approval and availability – Click Here . For more information you can get in touch with us on +91 8 -013-014-015

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Dream wedding are just a dream until each and every details are carefully planned. Wedding planning services by Pixonova can hold your hands and take you on a visual tour to your dreams, royal palaces to sandy beaches and everywhere in between. We love to planfully design a concept and create an luxury experience for you and your loved ones . If you are in need of a wedding planner who understands your thoughts and free to fly anywhere around the globe, feel free to give us a call.

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Perfect Weddings

Dream wedding are just a dream until each and every details are carefully planned. Wedding planning services by Pixonova can hold your hands and take you on a visual tour to your dreams, royal palaces to sandy beaches and everywhere in between. We love to planfully design a concept and create an luxury experience for you and your loved ones . If you are in need of a wedding planner who understands your thoughts and free to fly anywhere around the globe, feel free to give us a call.