Creative & Candid Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers

Pixonova Weddings is a well know name in wedding photography across India and considered among the best candid wedding photographers . While working across India and abroad Pixonova wedding is known for it’s excellence in photography with dramatic compositions and creative ways of storytelling through imagery as well as with the wedding cinematography. With a group of extremely talented and creative wedding photographers and wedding storytellers. We feel proud of what we do for our clients. Making weddings feel and look grand, lavish & at the same time crafting something so special for our clients that they can cherish for years to come.

At Pixonova Weddings, we as wedding photographers never like our shot to be predictable and boring that why are continuously upgrading our style and approach towards the art & keep reinventing everything with every new opportunity. We love creating wedding photographs that are colorful, fun, energetic, glamorous and filled with joy.

When a  sun-kissed morning will shower all his blessings upon you, when your fine and floaty veil will speak new words to your mirror, When your happy eyes will be more dramatic  than ever, when those fairy light bokeh will brighten your path, when some new colors will make you more beautiful ….our team will be working hard so that you can relive those moments  for then and forever . Check few wedding stories here – Click here

We understand that your love story is beautiful, special and most favorite to you. So being one of the best candid wedding photographers our Wedding Photography team always try to capture those wonderful emotions in such a special way that you can feel that real vibe and ambiance of love even after those precious moments of your most special days are gone.

Pixonova also provides contemporary pre wedding photography to frame your love, affection and beautiful relation..We foster each one of our pre wedding photography clients with some new conceptual, visionary and pristine ideas that they can relate to their love story. Since every love story is unique so is our pre wedding photography style. Our pre wedding photography team does not likes to capture very gothic and monotonous poses, rather they always try create some quirky and notable Pre wedding photography that can set your love story to a new insightful level which you can cherish for a lifetime.

In Pixonova wedding we value each and every one of our client so we do have a vast range of pocket-friendly premade packages and definitely you can customize them according to your requirements to keep an eye to your budget. So give us a call on 8013014015 to get all the informations in detail. Also we would love you to follow our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to get updates regarding our most recent works.

Available Wedding Services:-

  • Destination Weddings like beach wedding, Palace wedding, backwater wedding coverage
  • Candid Wedding Photography & Cinematic wedding videos
  • Pre-Wedding Shoots & Pre-wedding cinematic videos
  • Premium photobooks
  • Coffee table books
  • Traditional wedding albums
  • Live video projectors & large TVs
  • Traditional wedding photographer & videographers
  • Photo-booth
  • Wedding mehendi artist
  • Wedding make-up artists


Pixonova Events

Leading Event Photographers & Videographers


When it comes to events, Pixonova photography has been setting benchmarks and pushing boundaries across the event photography industry since last few year. We have few experiences and very talented event photographer and cinematographer who can pull out that extra essence of your event.Be it a Birthday Bash to Cocktail Party, Maybe a corporate event or an Extravaganza performance event of sunny leone “Laila of the country” in the city or the musical concert of Kolkata’s Darling Usha Uthhup even if it’s a tuneful performance of the “Senorita girl” Carlyta Mouhini.We rock it all…

Here in Pixonova, we understand the marketing value of an Event Photography and cinematography…You definitely won’t like a boring chappy showreel of your events….understanding this fact by heart we always try to steal that sparky moment and details of your party for you, so that you get that extra dose of entertainments later on too..Even the storytelling style of our showreel videos or the stylish way of the performance coverage has always kept us way unique in the event industry than others.

Pixonova is geographically based in Kolkata but we are always ready to rock any event of India as well as abroad.So you can definitely give us a buzz if you are trying to throw a cocktail party somewhere in Mumbai, Or maybe a corporate event in Bangalore or maybe you are planning to host a beach party in Florida…The answer is we love to travel and shoot.

Technically We Use high-quality modern days equipment to bring out the bright color and moves of your Event or the liveliness and theme of your party. But above all use our experiences to add life and heart to your Event.

So without even thinking much just have an absolutely free no obligation appointment. Be sure that you have encountered one of the leading team in the industry…



Lots more interesting people here. Read more stories of our clients

Pixonova Babies

Babies are the most precious and wonderful creation of God and here in Pixonova Babies, we are blessed to have few wonderful, experienced Baby Photographers and Newborn Photographers who can gift you all those playful lovely and serene beauties in a frame. All of our newborn photographers are experienced enough to create a wonderful calm ambiance which can soothe your newborn and create some beautiful baby portrait without any fracas.

Nowadays trendy Baby Portraits are definitely an amazing investment for your little ones pleasure for your and their lifetime too…

Whether it’s your newborn’s little soft fingers or may be the first tooth on your baby’s cute grin or maybe the time your little wonder is crawling all over the house even if it’s the first time those little feets are taking the authority to rise….In between all of these, your time will pass by in an instance… And someday you will sit back and will try to remember all these wonderful moments and you will find our hard work in those beautiful baby portraits and all the glimpse of your little baby will make you smile.

If you want to get some adorable baby portraits of your newborn or some cute baby photography of your little kid playing, maybe you want to add some love to your colorful walls of your baby’s room or you want to keep all these memories alive forever, contact us now… We will turn your wish to a beautiful timeless reality. That will always be with you and will give you immense pleasure always.

According to us, baby photography is one of the most beautiful and eventful professions in the world because we need to understand that little wonders language first, what they want to play with, what they want to sit in, what they would feel most comfortable, what they like, what can trigger smile to them. We need to understand these things first and then after all these, we can serve our mainstream job… Baby photography…



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